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Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

Maintaining your vehicle is a top priority when you are a car owner. While most maintenance is routine, sometimes, your car can have unpredictable problems, including a transmission fluid leak. You may need help to understand what is always happening with your vehicle. Leave it to Ira Ford Saco to provide insight.

Whether you are a driver from Saco, Portland, or Scarborough, Maine, our team is ready to answer any questions you may have if your transmission fluid leaks.

What Is Transmission Fluid?

There are many parts and fluids that make your car run smoothly. One of these parts is the transmission. It transmits power from the engine to the wheels to make your car move. The transmission fluid lubricates the transmission to slow down wear over time. In addition, the transmission fluid helps keep the transmission from overheating and overworking.

In summary, while the transmission works as a bridge between two features, the fluid works to protect that process.

What Does Transmission Fluid Look Like?

Transmission fluid is easily identified, but it varies in appearance between automatic and manual vehicles. Automatic transmission fluid has a thin consistency and a brighter color. The manual transmission fluid has a thick consistency and a darker color. Automatic transmission fluid has a high likelihood of changing into a darker red color when leaking.

After identifying what your transmission fluid should look like, you can check to see if the described liquid is leaking in or under your car.

What Happens When Transmission Fluid Is Low?

Over time, a transmission can wear down, and fluid may leak. There are some key signs to identify a leaky transmission.

  • Dark Puddles Under Your Car: As mentioned previously, when a transmission leaks, the easiest way to tell is by identifying darker fluids under your car.
  • Unexplained Noises: If your vehicle starts to buzz or roar when accelerating, this may be a sign that transmission fluid is low.
  • Difficulty Shifting Gears: As explained earlier, transmission fluid works as a lubricant. You may notice a little trouble switching gears when the fluid starts to run low. When fluid completely dries, your vehicle’s gears may stop shifting.
How Do You Maintain Transmission Fluid?

Wear and tear on your transmission is standard. The best thing you can do to stay aware of the condition of your transmission fluid is to check it regularly. If you drive an automatic vehicle, take note of any changes in the color of the liquid.

If you want a second opinion on your vehicle, or believe it’s time to get serviced, schedule an appointment with our service team to learn more about your transmission fluid and discuss routine options.

Contact Us If Your Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

If your transmission fluid leaks in Saco, Portland, or Scarborough, ME, leave it to Ira Ford Saco. By frequently checking your fluid’s state and recognizing changes, our team can handle the maintenance and any repairs your car’s transmission may need. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!



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